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Subject: Report
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2016 14:51:54 +0000



I found your report to be commensurate with the discussion we had following your inspection yesterday. I found your report to be thorough and forthcoming, clear and legible.

I will be installing new smoke detectors first thing before anything is moved into the house and diverting the rain water drainage away from the house as well as trimming tree limbs away from the roof and tending to that garage door gap.

It is almost terrifying to me to see the dirt wall sections of the basement deeply cracked. I dread catastrophic structural failure!

It is my intention to have a reputable contractor evaluate it. I can imagine re-building/replacing those portions with cement blocks.

My idea is to get the entire basement cleared, no crawl space, no dirt flooring, and eliminate every cause of future water intrusion, and have a finished basement.


I found it particularly commendable that you back all of your investigation up with standards and ethics codes!

I am grateful for your attention to detail and would not hesitate to recommend you for anyone needing a home inspection!

It was both a pleasure and an honor meeting and doing business with you!

Best regards,
Michael H.
Engineering Administrator 

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